"Not Your Grandfather's VFW" 
That is our motto!  We are a diversified group of Veterans and family members who are committed to supporting the needs of our community.  We take great pride in supporting our troops at home and overseas.  
Our fundraising activities have been called unusal, extraordinary, but most of all FUN!  
You will just have to come in and see what we are talking about, experience it!  We love visitors!!
We are looking forward to meeting you!


Welcome to our website!

We have launched this brand new website to help us get closer to our members and to serve them better. This website will act as a platform for us to share all our details regarding our activities and also help members quickly get in touch with us.
In this website you will find detailed information about all our upcoming events, you will also find other useful information such as contact details, photo gallery, etc. We will continuously keep updating this website with the latest information so that you are always up to date with all our activities, new initiatives & offerings.

If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us and we would like to hear from you.

The purpose of this corporation shall be fraternal, patriotic, historical and educational; To preserve and strengthen comradeship among its members; To assist worthy comrades;  To perpetuate the memory and history of our dead, and to assist their widows and orphans; To maintain true allegiance to the government of the United States of America, and fidelity to its constitution and laws; To foster true patriotism; To maintain and extend the institutions of American Freedom; And to preserve and defend the United States from all her enemies, whomseoever.

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